Roofs that warm in winter and cool in summer

If it actually gets half of what promises, may be one of the inventions of the century. U.S. scientists have presented at the 239 annual meeting of the American Society of Chemistry (ACS), a smart coating for roofs, that attracts or repels the Sun’s rays to keep there heat or cold in the interior of the House.

So far, the owners of a House, build it and rehabilitate it, could choose between a roof color of course sunlight repels and reduces the Bill for air conditioning in summer (but it increases the heating in winter) or a Texas dark that they attract sunlight and reduce heating costs in winter (although in summer there is a risk of death asphyxiation). As well, the tests carried out with laminate asphalt shingles demonstrated that the new coating reduces the temperature of the roof between 50 and 80% when it’s hot and increases 80% when it is cold.

But that is not all; This coating is made based on disposable oil from fast food restaurants! Incredible. Processing this oil form a liquid polymer that hardens like plastic. The product is virtually odorless, fire retardant, non-toxic and can be manufactured in any tone from light to dark.

The operation, according to its inventors, is based on that this coating can get data from a thermometer and, automatically, to repel or absorb solar heat when the temperature outside reaches a level default depending on the local climate.

But not think them begin to take oil of any kind above the tiles in your home: the secret for this polymer is a key ingredient that controls the infrared levels. This ingredient, of course, has not been revealed by scientists.
I said at the beginning: I agree with that it is half of what they say.

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