Brick is a delight in any environment

The effect can be achieved with the construction or lining of brick, and is considered a decorating trend that never ages and never go out of style. There are products that mimic the appearance of brick well in sight.

The result and the difference is due to the slip of parts and surface finish. If you are weighing in abusing this technique we bring some tips for value. Brick is the highlight of many stations and can be used without fear, because they never go out of focus.

To give a new look in the room, that this shelter of a brick wall? And not to make a big impact on the decoration immediately paintable white. This coating allows for more relaxed and cheerful decor, the colors are the main character of the other elements.

But if the idea is to give the sophistication and sober environment, the point is to keep the bricks in its original color and perfect enlightenment. Used in this way, the law is to match the rest of the decor with classic furniture and darker tones.

And the bricks are not only in the interior of the house. The balcony also deserves special attention. And this space has great rules. The brick wall that can accommodate shelves are used with vases of flowers, creating a vertical garden.

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