Where to use the wallpaper?

Before the topic of the post, information: Locaweb, where the company is located simply decorated tbém decided to give us a “birthday gift” was not legal: Left the simple decoration available virtually throughout the weekend! ! So I could not do anything here and I know you could not tbém visit. Therefore, I will transfer books of the draw on Wednesday, 14/11. Portant0, participate there, okay? And sorry for the embarrassment I went through: (!

Now, down to business:

Where to use * WALLPAPER? Around the corner! Check it out: (and the asterisk is because the link to the 70 great wallpaper, sponsoring this post and every function has precious pain, from anywhere in the world All work shown here is worth it .. worth a visit!)

In the rooms of children at all, one or part of a wall

In the children’s room also makes a difference!

In bathrooms and toilets, adds sophistication

As in the fourth, and why not? In the closet!

And you know, we now have wallpaper with 3D effects that mimic stone, leather …Finally! A whole new world with this technology!

And why not the roof? (With high ceilings and bright rooms adds heat). And look woodgrain paper!

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