Mar 19

Decoration – unexpected combinations

Selecting photos from environments with color combinations trivial. It is a good source of inspiration for anyone looking to create exciting environments through color (an inexpensive way to renew the decoration, no). Let’s see:

Shades of pink and gray can be male or female – Pink closed, as the president of the latter, especially with dark gray and black, male and ends up, look!

Salmon, lilac and purple, especially with white or yellowish, giving an air freshener and sophisticated at the same time. The tone of gray and white on a black wall and sophisticated, yet neutral, are rarely used due to fear of the dark black or decrease the temperature (in a way that does not happen is to cover part of the wall with colored frames black with white enough, as in the photo, as well as furniture and light surfaces)

The dark brown wall and improves the orange tones of the other elements, the sophisticated couple silver lilac and purple.

This is one of the ways to use that color strong and alive that you’re afraid to use: Use neutral colors in other elements. This achieves balance and rest for the eyes (to avoid getting tired of it quickly, place it on a wall that is not necessarily look all the time – avoid the wall of the TV or in front of a sofa, for example).