May 20

Choose the most appropriate type of paint for your home

Among the wide variety of options, consider some basic characteristics:
WATER PAINTS: provide more lasting coverage and better color and gloss retention. Its flexible composition reduces flaking and blistering problems. They dry quickly, are washable, and the tools we use can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
OIL PAINTINGS: provide higher initial brightness and stick very well to chalky surfaces. They require a longer drying time, and the tools used should be cleaned with paint thinner.
PLASTIC PAINTS: these paintings are composed of a synthetic resin (vinyl or acrylic) emulsified in water. Dilute with water and utensils are cleaned with water, too. They are odorless and dry quickly, and are washable. They offer different types of finishes: matte, satin or gloss.
SYNTHETIC ENAMEL: resins formulated with alchemical, require solvent for diluting and cleaning. Drying between 5 and 10 hours, with hard finish, durable and washable. They are manufactured in gloss finish for exterior and interior matte satin. VARNISH: are usually transparent, and are ideal for wood application. The finish can be gloss, satin or matte. There are built-tinted variants in various finishes: oak, chestnut, walnut, mahogany, etc.. By containing a mixed composition of dye and varnish should shake well this type of varnish before application.
WOOD PROTECTORS: products that protect wood that is in the open. Its main advantage is that penetrate deep into the wood, but without forming a continuous film. Substances contain water repellents, fungicides and insecticides, thus completing the wood protection. Product appearance is matte and semi-transparent. Choose the type of finish:
OPAQUE FINISH: suitable for hiding surface imperfections, ideal for large areas. SEMI MATTE FINISH – MATE: can be used on large areas or on doors and window frames where you want a more subdued luster.
OR SEMI FINISHED shiny : are ideal to highlight details such as doors and window frames, and are easy to clean.
For the right choice of paint type and finish consider the type of surface to be painted: WOOD: paints can be used to water or oil, first applying a sealer for wood. For windows, doors and coverings choose shiny or semi finishes – shiny, because they are more decorative and easy to clean.

METAL: apply 2 coats of premium antioxidant, to provide greater protection against corrosion. Then apply the paint to water or oil, with the finish you want. There are also synthetic enamels already have an antioxidant incorporated, allowing you to simplify the process.
MASONRY: water paints are great for painting on cement, concrete block and brick surfaces with an appropriate primer. The matte finish allows better disguise imperfections you may have this type of substrate.