Sep 16

Tips on Buying a New Home

Buying a home is a decision process that requires transaction before the transaction seriousness and thoroughness. Yand unilateral cancellation due to the decision to rush the transaction will result in a loss on the part of consumers themselves. Consumer losses if the resignation will usually impact on losing money booking fee, or cutting some of the advance already paid to the developer. To avoid such unpleasant things then below are some tips on buying a home that you can choose.

1. Clarity of information for the banner
Often developers will show house prices with prices substantially lower price just for show. You must be observant and careful component costs. Components that are usually attached to the home buying and selling process such as VAT, BPHTB, AJB, fee splitting and turning certificate name. As for other costs related to loan application among other provisions, the administration of the Bank, Life Insurance, Fire Insurance, the cost SKMHT, APHT costs and other costs related to the Notary.

2. Clarity certificate status
Certainty of Land Certificate status is still the parent or had broken the process will determine the smoothness of your mortgage to the bank. If the soil is still holding certificates, kpr process usually takes longer than the Developer who has a broken certificate. Certificate of land that has been broken will be easier to get a loan from any bank even if there is no agreement with the developer. With a certificate that has been broken, then you will get the certainty of land title and building you buy.

3. Clear Status of IMB
Similarly Certificate, IMB is also an important document that should be owned by the developer before building the houses for sale. The absence of a license to build the home will cause you buy dismantled by government officials. For sure you should even this IMB IMB broken per house / plots. To ensure existing housing or building permit has been processed by the developer, then you need to ensure is whether existing or site plan approved by the district.

4. Housing facilities are provided.
Housing has more facilities, will greatly affect the rising value of your investment in addition to the benefits that you get from the facilities provided by the developer. With poor housing facilities would cause slowness value of your investment.