Sep 16

Tips on Buying Used Home

“My house is my palace”, maybe that’s the phrase that can describe a place where husbands and wives, children share laughter, recounts the experience of his days, and the first school for the children before he started formal education, and most importantly shelter and rest are all members of the family after a day of activity.

For a newly married couple, looking for a home is not an easy thing. There’s even revealed that getting home is like getting a mate. There are those who’d prefer to buy a new house at all, some are not questioned house to be purchased is the former second alias. Each person is free to choose the option.

Some people buy a house because the former was a financial factor, there are those who are deliberately looking for the former because the former is interested in the house.

tips on buying a second-hand house
1. Try to buy a home directly from the owner.
By buying direct from the owner at the same time we will be able to ask for details of any information and history about the house. In addition we can get a cheaper price, because the owner does not need to give a commission to the broker.

2. Price. tips on buying a second-hand house
Do a survey on the housing market around the site. This way we can determine an appropriate price. Moreover, if we plan to sell it back.

3. Choose a broker with a good reputation and can be trusted.
Another way is to ask for recommendations from the broker that you know or your relationships.

4. Ask the age of the house. tips on buying a second-hand house
Age houses are classified into three, namely: new (less than 10 years), medium (10-20 years) and older (over 20 years). The older the age of the building, the more likely we have to pay more for repairs.

5. Ask when the last renovation was performed.
Typically homes that have more than 20 years old will need renovation because of the declining quality of the building.

6. Check the physical state of the house.
Do not immediately believe the words of the broker or owner.
Keep us directly come and check it out yourself. Better yet, if we have a list of what needs to be examined, such as the condition walls, doors, ventilation, roofing, and so on.

7. Check out the social environment around your home.
Make sure the circumstances surrounding the condition of the home matches, especially when we bought the house to live with family. Do not let the location of the house turned out to be far from educational facilities, frequently flooded, inaccessible and unsafe.

8. Check the completeness of documents and letters home.
To avoid legal problems later not want. Check if the name listed on the certificate with the name of the seller. If it was not the same, find out relationship with the seller. Ask how their heirs and the reason why the house was sold.