Sep 16

Tips on Buying a House (By Cash)

Around the beginning of last year I bought a house in cash (cash) from one of the developers of sharia is quite famous in Depok and surrounding areas are also quite a lot of housing projects.

If a mortgage to buy a house for the letters would not directly held by the buyer due to be pledged to the Bank, another thing if bought in cash where the letters should be we hold within a period not long after the settlement house.

This time I intend to share tips on when to buy a house in cash or cash, in order not to experience some disappointment as experienced by me.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a home in a residential / developer:

1. Find information about the developer
One time it was my mistake not looking for more in-depth information about the developers page. We recommend that if you want more convincing survey conducted prior to the home buyer in one of the developers of the project (if it exists). Or may be an easy way to “googling”.

2. House prices and other costs.
Please study carefully the costs of what is included / not included in the price of the house. Costs that arise when buying a home:
– BPHTB (Buyer Tax)
– Cost Notary (AJB, Cost Behind Name, Check Certificate, etc.)
– Cost rupture certificate
– APHT (Special Acts)
These costs MUST ask the developer whether included in the price of the house or separately. If the request already included home prices inserted in the Sale and Purchase and the purchase receipt.
Based on my experience and other buyers diperumahan the same, there are some costs will be charged at the time of AJB. And by the time the certificate will take up again Notary bills.
These costs amount is not little, say for 10% of the amount of VAT that NJOP UP 30%.

3. Status Certificate and IMB
Imagine if you buy a house in cash, but the certificate and building permit fees are charged to developers when there is no clarity for years. In my case, the new end of 2011 yesterday made AJB. While as of this writing was published CERTIFICATE and IMB have not I received (3 years).
So before buying a house in cash, preferably related letters to home (Certificate, IMB, AJB, UN, etc.) clearly asked when it might be submitted and when it will be done in front of the Notary AJB binding.

4. Electrical Installation
In housing that I bought since made binding sale and purchase / redemption, installed new electrical 1.5 years later!
I still feel lucky because the house is purchased for investment, so no place to stay. What if you need a house purchased for immediate occupied but electricity is not installed?
Please ensure to the developers how long the power will be installed, if necessary, be made an agreement on the stamp when it is not contrived penalty scheme.

5. Size / Land
Usually if you have not broken the certificate of land size could still change between what we pay at the time recorded by AJB (certificate). The land area can be reduced or increased. Developers already have a deficiency or excess payment scheme they will land that is usually contained in the Securities Purchase Agreement. Make sure you study it before signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement Letter.

6. These public and social facilities
In residential sales brochure is always included, facilities that attract buyers. But for its realization may be a long time or even not realized anymore. Please ask the developer for these facilities when it will be built?

Hopefully those who read these tips do not experience disappointment and be more cautious when it comes to buying a home.