Sep 16

10 Tips for Buying a Home in Housing Complex

finally over the home buying process that takes energy, and cost about 2-3 months 🙂 I record every detail of the process that I went through in the process of buying this house. I hope this experience can be a useful tacit knowledge to all colleagues wherever located. Because too many things I noted, I divided into two articles, the first one I titled 10 Tips for Buying a Home in Housing Complex, and the second is titled 10 Tips for Managing Administration mortgages. Actually, before the last two articles, I also discussed the review process, especially as I shoot in the Cibubur. Hopefully the three series of articles useful to all colleagues who happened to be confused and hesitant to buy a house, especially in the housing complex.

Perform a detailed survey of housing that we will buy. Survey can be done either through the Internet or a field survey. Create a comparison, scoring and analysis based on the parameters and specifications of the house we wanted.

Selection of home could use some parameters, such as below. Or it could be a more complete parameter as I wrote in an article titled Ideal Home in Greater Jakarta: Regional Review Cibubur.

Position inside or outside the cluster. For young families who still have small children, the choice of homes in the cluster management easier in children. In the cluster are also relatively more secure because there is usually a security guard keeping current cluster in and out of the car and stuff.

Proximity to parks

Direction toward the house (east, south, west, north). Remember the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Adjust if we want to get the sun in the morning or the afternoon, with the sun as well as from the front, back, right or left side of our house.

The position in which there is excess soil hook or not. Availability of land and the rest of the houses on the hook (side) allows us to easily renovate the house. The consequence is that the price is relatively more expensive

Go up marketing (marketing) housing and home information from the request that we buy in greater detail. Ask the real estate marketing to lead us directly to the site or cluster that we choose. Interview neighbors or security guard if there is information that we need.

There are two houses Status: ready for habitation and indent. To house the status “ready for habitation”, usually we can immediately see the house we want to buy. Most of the housing using a model “indent”, so we can only choose the location of the image site map, and we have to wait for 8-24 months of the loan agreement for the construction of houses.

The issue price of the house, we should be careful with this one. Check again, home prices already include anything. Usually home prices include 10% VAT, the cost of the Deed of Sale and Purchase (AJB) and costs Broking Certificate (SHGB). But the price is not including Customs Building Land Acquisition Rights (BPHTB) and mortgage costs (fees, notary, administration, life and fire insurance, APHT, etc). House prices (land and buildings) plus BPHTB usually referred to as “binding price”.

For payment facility houses with mortgage loans (mortgages) of the bank, consider stage payments of money home so sign up credit agreement. Let us not be misunderstood or even more dangerous, if we are wrong (or less) in preparing cash. To be sure the administration and payment of housing is as follows:

Let’s assume that today we make the payment of money “sign so”. Money signs so varied between 5, 10 or 20 million, depending on the provision of housing that we choose. It should be noted that the money “sign to be” no going back, if we cancel a home purchase or mortgage we did not meet the requirements of (rejected). After paying the money “sign so” we’ll get a receipt document called “mail order land and buildings”.

A week later we had already paid a deposit or down payment (DP). Usually at least 20% or 30%. The higher the DP that we paid, it will reduce the burden of monthly mortgage installments, and on the other hand increase the odds we obtain mortgages. Ask real estate marketing to make monthly ansuran scale simulations we have to pay, for the duration of the 5, 10 and 15 years with a DP that we specify. 10 years may be ideal for a mortgage, because the installment is not throttled as if the installment duration of 5 years, or if the bank fees are not strangling 15-year duration of the installment.

After we waited DP payment mortgage approval process of a bank. While waiting aproval mortgage from the bank, we will be asked to sign a document “Sale and Purchase Agreement Land and Buildings” (PPJBTB). Learn well and questioned the articles are still confusing to marketing residential care of the house that we bought. Sign the letter when all the chapters and verses we have to understand and learn it well.

Some of the other documents that we have to sign such a document other than PPJBTB “order of a residential neighborhood”, which contains the rules and obligations we have to do after we inhabit housing.

If the current mortgage, usually about 10-30 days after the DP, we can credit agreement. Credit agreement is the starting point of the commencement of our mortgage. The next month we have started to pay our monthly installments. At the time of credit agreement, usually banks and notaries offer filings increased rights of the Right to Build (HGB) to Property (HM). Handling Certificate of Ownership (SHM) usually cost about USD 5-6 million, and could be asked at the beginning or after we have completed the loan installments.

For homes that are ready for habitation, it generally takes 1-2 months of the credit agreement, until the house could we live (handing over). Usually process 1-2 months it is used for: cleaning and repainting the house, registration PLN, taps, Line Number, etc..

We get a warranty damage to the house or sometimes called “maintenance period”, with a duration of 3-6 months of the handover process. Warranty period (maintenance period) it can use to complain and ask for a free repair if our house is leaking, wall cracks or other damage.

Should the maintenance period, not to sign a significant home renovation, because it would eliminate the 3-6 month warranty damage. This problem is usually written clearly on PPJBTB.

Do not forget to add the interior of the house, put up a trellis on the doors and windows, and installing water tanks and toren for backup when the water taps or wells are not current. The point is try to take care of any other needs related to the content and design of our homes, before we occupy. Because as we live, such a process would be relatively more hassle we do.