Oct 07

Go to the Vacation Locations Lord of the Ring

Discussion for the location of Lord of the Rings fans lover’s dream movie. But this is no longer a dream because it was available travel tour package that will take you directly see the location – location menakjutkan that has been used as the filming of this movie.

Almost all the filming is done in a natural New Zealand (New Zealand). New Zealand does have a very natural menajukkan so do not be surprised if most of the filmed trilogy Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. Which is the movie Lord of the Ring, surely the idea that many locations in this film which has a very beautiful view. Well most travel tour packages offer at least some locations the Lord of the Ring that was allowed to be visited by tourists.
Examples Places On Offer A Package Tour Travel
Here are the places that are often offered by travel tour packages the Lord of the Ring:
Discover Pelennor fields

Matamata in the Waikato town is a hilly city green and beautiful. This place was used as a Hobbit village green, serene and beautiful. The house is located in pertamiam Alexander Hobbiton near Matamata town.
Tongariro National Park is an area that has three active volcanoes (Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe) which makes it very suitable as an ideal location to set ‘Mordor’, ‘Emyn Muil’ and ‘Mount Doom’. Some famous adengan is Frodo and Sam climb Mount Doom in the series ‘The Return of the King’ later met Gollum for the first time and adengan battle with the forces of Mordor humans and elves alliance.
Lothlorien Hills is a location where adengan Galadriel (elf queen) waving to the fellowship, Frodo get help from the location where Deagol Galadriel and Smeagol strangled. These hills you can find ‘the White Bridge’ (white bridge) that appear in the series ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’.
Wellington City is one of the many cities made location filming. Mount Victoria where the Hobbit is set to hear the Nazgul fear and where the Hobbits hiding to avoid the Black Rider. Harcourt Park – Upper Hutt which is 20 miles north of the City of Wellington is set Gardens of Isengard where Gandalf and Saruman met. Kaitoke Regional Park is located 8 miles from Upper Hutt City are set Rivendell elf kingdom. There is still the River Anduin, Minas Tirinth, Helms Deep and Fords Of Isen is also used in this film set.
Queenstown is another city that has a set of the film The Lord of the Rings a lot. Several sets of Pelennor Fields is the famous speech to adengan King Theoden.

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