Aug 21


One of the most popular ways to purchase a property is by buying at Tennessee auction. Before buying at auction, we have to consider several things as the pre-auction preparations. First of all, we have to know the reserve price as every seller will nominate a particular reserve price. But, sellers usually do not publish the reserve price to the buyers. As a seller, you have pass in the property if the highest bid on auction day does not match the reserve price. Here are more things you have to do before buying at auction.

The first thing is you have to check the sales contract. To check the condition reports and the contract, you can contact a conveyance. Once the property has been inspected, the agent of the property seller will send a copy of the contract for sale of the land to the property buyer. The copy of the contract may also be sent to the conveyance of the buyer before the auction day. The contract consists of the settlement dates and penalty interest rates. There are also terms and conditions which are agreeable to the property buyers. If you as the buyer wish to vary the contract, you can ask the seller’s representative.

The second thing is you have to arrange your finance. Having your financing pre-approved before the auction day is very important. What is more, if that you do not have a private funding source arranged for your specific purchase. You can easily set a clear personal price limit by having your financing properly organized before the auction date. In addition, you need to have access to deposit funds because the successful bidder has to pay a deposit on the auction day by means of securing the property. Furthermore, conducting pre-purchase inspections will be also beneficial for you.